Why You Need Data Discovery

There’s so much misconception around Data Classification and what you should use it for This blog has in the past waxed lyrical about Data Classification maximising ROI when integrated with upstream and downstream technologies One of those being Data Discovery: naturally if an organisation is...

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Data Security Encryption

Encrypting data strengthens the security around it, there is no escaping that fact Like most things however, with heightened security you’re guaranteed to inherit an equal amount of complexity Data that has been encrypted has been fundamentally altered from the format it was in when authored,...

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New Year, New DLP Strategy?

Happy 2023, Happy Lunar New Year, welcome to the year of the rabbit To all readers I hope it’s a year that brings health and prosperity to you, your loved ones, your clients and your data! Humans use events like a new calendar year to re-evaluate and reset, to set new goals or reinstate old...

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Securing the Journey of Your Data
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