How Machine Learning is enhancing data classification

It’s 2020 and the terms ‘Machine Learning’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ are being bandied around the security industry like light-up yoyos in a ‘90s school playground Their popularity is no great surprise when you consider how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can help...

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3 things most data classification policies miss out

Many UK businesses don’t unlock the full potential of a data classification policy By including three key components in your organisation’s data classification policy you can unlock benefits that extend well beyond safer data The full range of benefits on offer from an effective data...

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Why you need to create a culture of data security awareness

A culture of data security awareness is essential to reducing data loss The incoming raft of regulations around data protection is enhancing the profile of data security These days it isn’t so much ‘if’ you suffer a data loss, it’s more ‘when’ you suffer data loss, so the need to...

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