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    Encrypting data strengthens the security around it, there is no escaping that fact. Like most things however, with heightened security you’re guaranteed to inherit an equal amount of complexity.

    Data that has been encrypted has been fundamentally altered from the format it was in when authored, this is what delivers the security. When read by a human being or a system without decrypting it first it appears incomprehensible. To use this data, it must be decrypted. This process is quite simple, we use the appropriate key and software to run the required decryption algorithm and the data is now as it should be. Just make sure you re-encrypt it once you’re finished…

    What isn’t quite so simple is managing access to what was has just been described. We’ll start with the data, adding additional processing to all data in order to encrypt/decrypt it is massively time consuming and frankly not required.

    Not all data is subject to the same security concerns, ideally only the most valuable, sensitive or incendiary data would be protected by file-based encryption. Challenge one being to identify that data, this can be done in many ways, the most user friendly and quickest return on investment are Data Classification and Data Discovery type technologies.

    Once identified we need some methodology of encrypting and decrypting the data when it’s used by an identity. Altering the way a userbase works is highly disruptive, asking them to start performing additional steps to increase security will see corners cut and shortcuts taken.

    Lastly, the keys to the data. Just like physical keys to doors and locks they should only be given to those who require access, should be removed when they no longer need it and should be tracked and secured wherever plausible.

    Now consider this scenario, you want the security of encryption on a file which must be shared with someone else, someone outside of your location…

    Final piece of scaremongering: how are you going to manage this effectively across a group of employees numbering 25? Or 300? Or 10,000?

    Here’s to utopia: Discover, Classify, Protect.

    Imagine having software and associated policy that did all of the above either behind the curtain or based on certain attributes such as the classification a user selects the geographic locale, they’re in or the content being authored?

    HANDD work with technology which can empower the use of encryption in a less intrusive way, meaning our workflow isn’t disrupted in anyway and we have user friendly means of delivering encrypted files, triggering the process and sharing them with other parties both in and outside of our business.

    If you would like to discuss how HANDD can help your organisation with a data classification or a wider data protection project please contact us today at info@handd.co.uk or 08456 434 063.

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