• Why You Need Data Discovery

    There’s so much misconception around Data Classification and what you should use it for. This blog has in the past waxed lyrical about Data Classification maximising ROI when integrated with upstream and downstream technologies. One of those being Data Discovery: naturally if an organisation is classifying its data one of the next questions becomes “where is that data?”

    Much like Data Classification, Data Discovery gives you certain benefits, delivers some technical overheads and negates others. Data discovery sits in many products, but without a full blown Data Discovery suite it’s very likely you’ll never see the full picture or receive 100% of the potential benefits.

    This graph shows how different discovery capable products stack up:

    How different discovery capable products stack up

    What is clearly visible from the simple graphic is that no single product allows you to discover, classify and protect your data. It is only truly possible by integrating a product suite with another to deliver data security in all areas.

    HANDD Business Solutions is a vendor-agnostic organisation with vast experience in the data security space. HANDD has helped customers in over 27 countries to protect their data be it at rest, during creation, in transit or in use. If you’re looking at a Data Classification, Discovery, Governance or Protection project, HANDD is well placed to ensure you’re getting the security coverage your data deserves.

    If you would like to discuss how HANDD can help your organisation with Data Classification or a wider data protection project please contact us today at info@handd.co.uk or 08456 434 063.

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