It’s classified, but so what?

Here at HANDD we do lots of work with organisations looking to implement a Data Classification (DC) solution There are many different resources on this website which condone using DC within your technology stack But as we’ve said so many times before, DC does not solve your security issues It...

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Data Discovery – Stop the ROT

Storing data costs money Why waste money on storing data you don’t even need Data Discovery tools are a well-placed tool in the armoury of IT and Security professionals, but they could also help you save money, by effectively just tidying up! ROT Data is a term used to describe data which is...

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DLP: Do not pass go, do not collect £200

The absolute best way of securing information or machines holding information is to isolate them Categorically disconnect them from other machines, lock them away, air gapped networks, zoned off rooms and all that stuff This is not a realistic possibility, we are more connected than ever...

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