Seven reasons to classify your data

The best way to protect and govern your data is to let it tell your business applications and infrastructure what it contains Chris Farrelly explains how that’s possible and why you should do it A quick Google search on “data, lifeblood, and business” turns up dozens of headlines, each...

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The Case for Data Classification

If you don’t know where your data is, or who is accessing it, you shouldn’t be sleeping soundly In many organisations, everything from personal customer data through to sensitive company secrets languish in obscure folders or network drives, waiting to be lost – or found by the wrong...

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Data Classification and the GDPR

GDPR is the biggest shake up of how we manage our data since the advent of the filing cabinet It confers a number of rights on individuals (the data owner) that companies are obliged to meet Rights such as the Right to be Forgotten, the Right to Erasure, and even The Right to Data Portability...

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Securing the Journey of Your Data
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