• Data Classification and the GDPR

    GDPR is the biggest shake up of how we manage our data since the advent of the filing cabinet. It confers a number of rights on individuals (the data owner) that companies are obliged to meet.

    Rights such as the Right to be Forgotten, the Right to Erasure, and even The Right to Data Portability can only be delivered once companies genuinely understand what data they have and where to find it.

    Pave the pathway to GDPR compliance with Data Classification

    Data Classification attributes labels to data to help us identify our personal and important files from the canteen menu and last years’ Christmas party dress code.

    The thing is, knowing what data is important, and what isn’t, is essential if you are to comply with these new requirements.

    Data Classification can also deliver:

    • Faster and more efficient data retrieval
    • Improved data security by enforcing handling rules downstream
    • Enhanced the consistency of the application of your protective technology
    • Better awareness of the value of data among end users

    Many of these contribute to the overall goal of enhanced data security that GDPR seeks to enforce.

    Getting GDPR ready with HANDD’s Business services

    We won’t remove all of your GDPR woes, but our independent consultants can help you work your way towards a GDPR compliant framework. Our Data Classification solutions include:

    • Project Management
    • Compliance (Ensure EU Data Protection Directive and other regulatory compliance mandates are met)
    • Environment Discovery – Understanding what it is you are trying to protect, how and where
    • Data Classification Policy Creation
    • Help Build Your Requirements and Manage Product Selection Process
    • System Design, Implementation and Deployment
    • Training, Education, Support and Maintenance

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